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UPS Freight Reviews

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  • METRO shelving

    delivery originally scheduled for Wed. no show no contact. Then UPS tracker claimed online that appointment to deliver had been made for following day - it had not and again no show. Once again claim online made that appointmmnet had been made to deliver Fri at 3:00- it had not. Our building closes at 1:00 on Friday's no one would ever have OK'd a 3:00 delivery.. Didn't matter though - 3:00 on Friday never happened and no communication again. Finally after many angry calls, UPS customer service hanging up on me, and METRO rep promising UPS was going to be there within... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Terrible delivery service and poor customer service

    At the time of initial delivery, the driver was rude and left without warning. He made not effort to complete the delivery at all. After the nearly week long process to get my equipment delivered, I received a bill for a charge I was never told about and never agreed to pay. I made several attempts to get this charge waived, and was give the run around by UPS customer service. I formally disputed the charges with no response from UPS to the dispute. Now I have a debt collection agency contacting me about an unpaid bill!!!! More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Terrible customer service

    In May 2015 I purchased lawn equipment from SEL, where a shipping and home delivery fee of $230 was paid at the time of purchase. I was told by the SEL representative that I would be contacted by UPS Freight to schedule a delivery date and time. I was contacted by Jessica from UPS. A delivery date and time of Tuesday June 2nd 2015 between the hours of 2:00 – 6:00pm was agreed upon. At that time I informed Jessica that I have two large dogs and that I would like to be contacted by the delivery person prior to arrival in order to contain my pets. Jessica then made a note of my... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jensmith's Picture   jensmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not deliver freight even though delivery appointment scheduled

    I had a scheduled appointment delivery with a time frame window of 2-6pm. According to their status info the freight left their facilities just before noon on the day of delivery. 6pm no freight, 7:45 I called the station dispatcher for an update and he said that there were two stops prior to mine. As of 11:45 no freight and it's a Friday night. Offices are closed on weekends so I can't even call to complain to their personnel nor reschedule a delivery. My item was some heavy machinery weighing in at 1200lbs. I mentioned to the dispatcher that attempting to move this item... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Morrise55's Picture   Morrise55    0 Comments   Comments
  • threaten by UPS staff stop all delivery if file claim

    When delivery is overdue, inquiry UPS ends up receiving firstbrefusal of recongizing shipping is missing, followed by threat of not delivering any packages to us if we file claim. Moreover staff puzhed us to file stolen report to police while police consider none of the business from us as the item technically not yet dlivered and not in our area. Leaving an item unattended on the street does not make it delivered. We do not elected to leave it on the street. If so it is UPS taking its risk or the thought would be covered by their insursnce. For customer, Ups dod not fulfill their duty.... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Hshum's Picture   Hshum    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost package

    I ordered a package and it arrived at the local distribution center and was promptly lost. It had been there 10 days and they made no attempt to find it until I called to complain. They now say they have 8 business days to find it before declaring it lost. Is there a huge black hole at UPS that eats packages or just an employee or 2 that have decided they want our stuff more than we do? If I ever have an option not to use them in the future, I will pay more to use someone else. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    dbraun's Picture   dbraun    1 Comments   Comments
  • Damage freight/claim

    UPS delivered an armoire. It had been dropped. When I opened the packaging and realized it - I filed a claim. Would not do an inspection. Would not call back or answer emails. Would not do an investigation. Dragged me through hoops - filed claim 3 times before someone handled it. 5 months later got a "not paying your claim after out investigation revealed nothing" letter. There was NO investigation - Ms. Kimberly Hughes can not even answer an email or return a phone call. Desperately seeking someone higher up who can process this claim ASAP - as it's obvious the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • UPS FREIGHT refused service

    The driver showed up to our office as said, we have 3-4 palettes of furniture for you where do you want it. We told him the office was fine. He proceeded to say "oh, no, I will not bring it up unless you pay me $500.... this suit does not come cheap" Needless to say he dropped 3 huge palettes on the curb and left two girls in heels to handle it. It was so bad that the FEDEX driver offered help ... now THAT was class. This was probably the worst service we have ever experienced. To top it off, there was also shipping damage..... I filed a complaint and was promised a response... More...
    shylaspead's Picture   shylaspead    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billing Errors Childforms Lenoir NC

    Had a Shipment that was scheduled for delivery by San Jose Terminal Customer called and cancelled order after en-rout. I had shipment stopped at San Jose Terminal for 1 Day and the had them ship to TX, I got a quote from Beth at San Jose Terminal, emailed her BOL and asked her to verify all was correct to pick up my FAK rates she replied everything looked good, The next morning I checked my Daily manifest and Rate of Freight Bill was over by $200 Plus, Contacted Beth no reply from Beth so I re emailed her asking why billing wasn't corrected (She approved BOL as Correct and she sent me... More...
    Childforms's Picture   Childforms    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mystery 5 day delay in Laurel MD

    Mailed a pocket knife from Medford Oregon UPS store to Norfolk Virginia. Almost $20. It took 10 days for delivery. Pony Express would have been faster. It spent 5 days in Laurel MD for an unknown reason. It takes 3-5 days to drive across the country. This is the last time I'll send UPS. However, I shop a lot on Amazon. My local drivers are the best and nicest anywhere in the country. I worry about their future with a company that is now slower and more expensive than the post office. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    gimpyrancher's Picture   gimpyrancher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    I ordered Sauna thru It was shipped by Golden Design, Inc in Canada next day and was delivered to Seattle UPS Freight warehouse following day. The UPS website tracking showed contradicted times for delivery to my residence: 10/29/14 by the end of the day or 10/30/14 10:00 A.M. till 3:00 P.M.( as I received call before and OK). Sauna had not been delivered those days nor re-scheduled for delivery on 10/31/14. UPS Freight decided not to deliver on 10/31/14 due to Halloween, as was explained by Seattle Operation Manager for Seattle UPS Freight John Klenszar. (the shipment tracker... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    mlakhter's Picture   mlakhter    0 Comments   Comments
  • UPS Hilo

    On three separate occasions we sent packages via UPS to go to the same addres in Hilo Hawaii. Never had any problems anywhere else in Hawaii. 1st time excuse- can't find the address (google shows house and street view with a big 'X' on the house. Had to go pick it up) 2nd time excuse- no one was home.( Recevier was there all day waiting. Had to go pick it up) 3rd time excuse- Receiver asked to reschedule for next week.(Receiver confirms they were there all day waiting. No contact with anyone. Items are perishable.) Lesson learned-- In HIlo use USPS of Fedex. UPS is unreliable. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Foku's Picture   Foku    0 Comments   Comments
  • ups claims

    Bought something on ebay. Ups delivered it damaged. Filed a claim didnt hear from them so i wrote them .they said they were sorry and will pick it up for inspection. They never showed up. It contacted them 4 times . Still never showed up. They responded that i contact the shipper. I did that from the start. Nothing but fraud and liars More...
    (Delivery Services)
    mapesty's Picture   mapesty    0 Comments   Comments
  • UPS Freight unwanted OUTRAGEOUS inside delivery charge

    Had some freight arrive by UPS freight. Front door is 10 feet from the curb. Driver brought the boxes inside. This was a prepaid shipment at about $65. Then I get a bill from UPS Freight for $103 for inside delivery. Called Customer service, and was told that the driver indicated on the paperwork and initialed that it was inside delivery. If this wholesaler didn't have contract with UPS Freight, I would certainly not use them. The $103. is outrageous, especially when it could have been put on the sidewalk, and we brought it inside, but he just brought it in. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • No Accountability

    I paid for UPS freight to deliver a package to my customer on Friday, October 25, 2013. UPS did not show up for my confirmed pick-up on October 24. I called and they said they would not be out to pick it up until Monday. I had to have an employee come in after hours, load the freight shipment and deliver to UPS distribution facility. On Friday, my customer called UPS after the shipment still hadn't arrived at the end of the day and they said they would deliver on Monday despite the fact that I paid for 1 day delivery because the customer needed the package for distribution over... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jpdellaq's Picture   jpdellaq    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service in the world

    Needed to ship some signs and here's what happened: 1. Driver showed up 4 hours late 2. I was double charged 3. The truck broke down 4. Truck shows up 3 days late with my paperwork and no shipment 5. My event ends and no sign of my signs 6. UPS calls to tell me the signs are lost 7. UPS ships them back for me 8. I get them back and they are COMPLETELY destroyed 9. I try to get a refund ( I call and they tell me I already have a refund. I say yes that's because I was double charged. Now I want a refund on the original shipment because never made it/ was lost for a week. I have to... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Unhappy1236's Picture   Unhappy1236    0 Comments   Comments
  • UPS Freight, Very Poor Service

    We made arrangements through FreightQuote to ship 3 welders through UPS Freight. FreightQuote was great and scheduled for us to take our welders to the dock in Farmington, NM for shipment on a certain day and between the hours of noon to 5pm. The morning we were to deliver the welders to the dock, I called the 800 number for UPS Freight (888-682-4652) to make sure everything was set. I was told that we could actually deliver the welders anytime between 8 and 5. We stayed on the original schedule and arrived at the dock at 2pm. That is where the problem started. The very rude female at the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    bcjohnston's Picture   bcjohnston    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brothers International

    Brothers International shipped me a package and it was scheduled for delivery on 5/3/2013. I canceled all appointments to stay home and wait for the delivery. Brothers called me at home and gave me the tracking number and the date of delivery. Obviously, Brothers had the correct phone number or they wouldn't have reached me. UPS didn't deliver. I called them and they said they had called to set an appointment with me to deliver, but no one answered. Only problem was they didn't dial the correct number and they claim Brothers gave them the wrong one. Not true because... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pebbleintx's Picture   pebbleintx    0 Comments   Comments
  • UPS LTL Lost Shipment

    Friday, March 15 I received a call at 07:50 AM from Curtis in the Columbia, MO terminal that my shipment would be delivered. 3 hours later I received a call from the terminal that the pallet could not be located but paper work is here. Seems the dummies in St Louis need to take a number reading course and how to place on the right truck!!!!!!!!! Seems it went to Springfield not sure if Missouri or Illinois as both used to be serviced out of the Earth City location many years ago. I was told that it would be delivered Monday and stressed the importance that needed to be before noon. It is... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    HuskersRule's Picture   HuskersRule    1 Comments   Comments

    UPS Freight shipment no 3917015300 Collected 12/06/12 delivery to UK 12/14/12 shipment was not on hand advised packages missing from consignment - called UPS SCS freight they advised shipment was delayed and left CA, US on12/13/12 - 7 days after pick up date for UK!!!! item should be in UK 12/15/12 now told on 12/17/12 that shipment should be in UK 12/18/12. This is ridiculous and I am being lied to as no one seems to be telling the truth about this shipment and tracking is deliberately not being updated. I have paid $668.03 for a service that I am not receiveing along with being out of... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Damaged bumper, received late, removed from original packaging

    We had a bumper shipped from CA to NC, it was bubble wrapped and strapped to a pallet. UPS Freight delivered it 2 days late, damaged and was removed from the pallet without our approval. Filed claim, inspector looked at the damage and we have not received any further communication from UPS Freight since. We had to pay over $300 out of pocket to have the bumper sandblasted and powder coated to repair it. UPS Freight has been the worst company to deal with, they do not communicate and make it clear they do not care about our business, their service nor their reputation. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Robtouw's Picture   Robtouw    0 Comments   Comments
  • damaged freight

    We shipped an item by UPS Freight. Pro#966132591, on 7-18-12. Unit were destroyed and re packaged. A claim were filed. UPS Freight stated that they would settle the claim within 30 days. They waited 30 days and ask for more information. As normal UPS, and UPS Freight damage items and re package the item to try and hide the damage to keep from paying the claims. They receive the insurance money for covering any damage, but normally they will not honor a claim. Can you help Robert Polk 317-632-7299 More...
    (Delivery Services)
    mersscorp's Picture   mersscorp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Do not use UPS

    I recently sold an item on eBay. The item sold for 100 dollars. I took it to UPS because I thought they were the most professional shipping company and would be cost effective. My mother uses UPS to ship her promotional products around the country so I figured they'd be the right choice. Oh boy was I wrong. The item sold for 100 dollars and I had to ship it to Kentucky from here (California). They wanted to charge me 40 dollars to ship it there and that's not even the worst part! They wanted to charge me 20 dollars for a cardboard box to put the item in! The item was medium sized... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Bad Drivers or bad Trucks

    I was tracking a delivery that was was shipped on December 5 and all went well till it arrived at the Albquerque Depot. Arrived in Albquerque on Friday December 9th, the Web tracking said that the freight was out for delivery and I make arrangements to be home. On Delivery OK it will come on Monday so I arrange for someone to be at the delivery address On delivery call the Albquerque UPS Office said UPS Freight would not deliver to my location untill Thursday December 15, OK Thursday Dec 15 arrange for someone to be at the delivery Address get a Call on Thursday that to mcuh freight and... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    wichmancl's Picture   wichmancl    6 Comments   Comments
  • Your Customer Service Sucks

    CCS2148891 That is my confirmation number. I called UPS Freight on 11/2/11 and scheduled a pick up for 11/4/11. I had to take the day off from work, I was told the pick up would occur between 10am and 12pm. At 12pm they still had not arrived so I called customer service. I was placed on hold while they "called the terminal". I was told that they needed a "street truck" and a street truck was not available at the moment but they could pick it up by 3pm. Okay, fine. I asked if they could please call me if they were not going to be there by 3pm. 3pm came. They... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    hipchickny's Picture   hipchickny    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incompetent UPS Freight

    On June 29, 2011 UPS Freight picked up a C.O.D. LTL shipment in Georgia, destined for Bragg Creek, Alberta Canada. The shipment was delivered (late) on 7/19/2011. The driver did not accept the COD check ($ 2,733.53 (US) from the customer. Following repeated attempts through UPS I have yet to receive payment for this shipment. I have been given, and continue to receive various excuses (real song & dance) as to why I haven’t received payment. Bottom line, I have a signed contract by UPS Freight for a COD shipment that was not honored and this small company, is in serious trouble as... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Flash60's Picture   Flash60    0 Comments   Comments
  • Phantom Billing Charges

    UPS scheduled the delivery of the package on 3/21/2011 between 12 - 5 PM. However, the delivery was never made. When contacted UPS indicated that they truck sent needed a loading dock and the package could not be lowered off the truck. Therefore, the package would be placed on a smaller truck and delivered the next day. The package was then delivered the next day. However, the package was heavily damaged and the product inside was damage (photo's can be provided as necessary). In addition weeks later after the delivery I have begun to receive bills for an 87 dollar redelivery charge;... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Corrupt chagres and worst customer service ever

    A product was delivered with 'free shipping' but when it arrived we were told it would be left in the parking lot and to bring it to our suite would be additional charges. We gave two options: 1) refuse delivery 2) bill shipper for additional charges (was supposed to be free). Drive wrote they would bill shipper and proceeded to deliver the product. We then got billed for over $300 in charges to bring it to our suite. a) $300 is ridiculous to bring it to the suite b) we never should have been billed. Customer service was incredibly bad; no responses to phone calls for weeks!... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Worst customer service on the planet

    UPS freight arrived with a package that was supposed to be delivered to our suite on the 5th floor. However, when they arrived they were leaving it in the parking lot unless we would pay additional charges. Although the driver agreed in writing that the additional charges would NOT be billed to us, they did bill us for over $300. Customer service was useless...many unanswered phone calls and unreturned messages and then they sent me to collections. I expected more from UPS - they were horrific! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    normsnotes's Picture   normsnotes    1 Comments   Comments
  • damaged goods

    you wonder what kind of idiots work there. 3 times a large piece of freight was to be deliverd. three times it was recieved broken. can you think of the cost of delivery and returns cost. no wonder cost is going sky high. can the people that work there not read or they just dont give a dam. tel service is just the same they lie to you all the time. sorry but i would be ashamed to say i worked there #****# More...
    (Repair Services)
    rb12345's Picture   rb12345    1 Comments   Comments
  • Public Appearance

    Hello Im a ups customer. I love the company and i know that your a respectful company,with an image to maintain.I live in St.Louis Mo. and wanted to will you be upgrading your equipment. A lot of the trucks looks like very old and they still have overnight on them. Will you be making changes at the st. louis terminal soon please hurry. More...
    dcook4you's Picture   dcook4you    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tired Of Waiting

    This is the worst customer service center I have ever seen. They have delivered a few packages to my home and in a few cases I was not there to receive them. And in those few cases the courier never left a sticker on my door to let me know that my package even arrived. Not to mention that they are suppose to try a second time to deliver the package which never happened. Thank GOD for tracking information or I would know nothing. The UPS CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER in WIXOM, MI is a poor excuse for courier service or at lease the driver that delivers to this area. With all the unemployed people... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Tiredmom101's Picture   Tiredmom101    0 Comments   Comments
  • UPS has delivered my package to wrong address

    On January 7, 2010, UPS mistakenly delivered a package I had shipped to a UPS store to the Williams-Sonoma distribution center at 4300 Concorde Road in Memphis, Tennessee. The package was clearly marked with the name of the friend I was mailing the package to, as well as the UPS box number and complete address of the UPS Store where it was supposed to be delivered on the other side of the city; however, the driver still left the package at Williams-Sonoma. When my friend went to pick up the package on Saturday, January 9, the delivery mistake was discovered when only two of the three... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • UPS could not deliver a package down the street

    On January 7, 2010, UPS mistakenly delivered a package I had shipped to a UPS store to the Williams-Sonoma distribution center at 4300 Concorde Road in Memphis, Tennessee. The package was clearly marked with the name of the friend I was mailing the package to, as well as the UPS box number and complete address of the UPS Store where it was supposed to be delivered; however, the driver either could not read or did not care (or both) and left the package at Williams-Sonoma. When my friend went to pick up his packages on Saturday, January 9, the delivery mistake was discovered when only two... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    denalidragon's Picture   denalidragon    1 Comments   Comments
  • ups

    I have worked for ups freight for 2 years now and as with any company... we make mistakes, however we admit our misfalls and do whatever we can to comply with what we promised our customers. i am sorry for those of you who have not has a great experience with the company i work for. I want to say that they people i work for and with are great people and treat their employees with respect, honor and integrity. they listen to everything and anything you have to say. If you are looking for another shipping company, think about this.. why is almost every other freight company going out of... More...

    Where do I begin!!! We were convinced by the salesman at the UPS store that UPS was the way to go...turns out he didn't know what he was talking about and gave us a quote that his manager wasn't happy with (fortunately, we made them give us a price guarantee because they threatened to change us thousands of dollars more several times). We were told we were getting full service packing and unpacking. The movers showed up to our apartment smelling like fresh marijuana. Turns out they didn't bring the boxes we needed so they called their manager. Their manager, Niraj,... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ihateups's Picture   ihateups    0 Comments   Comments

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SimonC says: (8 years ago)
I have always found my rep from UPS goes above and beyond to help my account out. Im from the same industry road freight. I am impressed with the track and trace capabilities Simon from Australia

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